2012 Summer Nature Camp Sessions

2012 Summer Nature Camp

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Week 1

June 11June 15: From Pole to Pole

From the highest peaks to the deepest deeps, join us as we explore the world from pole to pole! In this exhilarating week, we’ll dive into geography, topography and cartography, studying the shape of our world and the challenges it faces.

Week 2

June 18June 22: An Amazing Body of Work

EveryBODY should know how their body works! Don’t miss out as we explore what makes your ticker tick and your kickers kick. This week we’ll investigate the wonders of the human body and find out why it fascinates us so much.

Week 3

June 25–June 29: Creepy Crawlies Rule!

Watch your step! Wriggle through this week with us as we learn about creatures that slither, crawl, and creep. Don’t miss out as we investigate an amazing array of animals from giant anacondas to caterpillars and everything in between!

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Week 4

July 9–July 13: Creatures of the Night

Who’s afraid of the dark? Investigate the dark with us as we study nocturnal animals and discover nature’s night life. From bats and hedgehogs to bush babies and leopards, we’ll dig into the lighter side of the dark.

Week 5

July 16July 20: Explorers Week

Discover a world of wonder as you come explore with us! Sail the seas with Columbus, traverse the country with Lewis and Clark, dive to the deepest depths of the oceans and soar beyond the stars in this fun-filled week of adventure.

Week 6

July 23July 27: Dinosaurs Rock!

Let’s turn back the clock to the days when dinosaurs roamed Earth! This week we’ll dig deep into the Earth to uncover mysterious creatures of the past. You’ll meet trilobites, Tyrannosaurus rex, saber-toothed tigers, and more!

Week 7

July 30–August 3: Let’s Stay Safe

Be prepared! Don’t miss out as we learn about how to play it safe in the great outdoors. We’ll spend a fun week exploring camping safety, survival nutrition, and emergency preparedness.

Week 8

August 6August 10: The Kingdom of Plants

Ready, set, GROW! Join us for a week as we explore the exciting world of plants. We’ll learn about gardening, the history of agriculture, and meet some of the stranger wonders of the plant kingdom, such as parasitic Rafflesia flowers and predatory Venus flytraps.

Week 9

August 13August 17: Nature's Mysteries

Why is the sky blue? Do whales have belly buttons? Why does thunder make a sound? Come be a part of our week of exploration and experimentation as we uncover the answers to these mysteries and more!


August 20August 24: Texas Wildlife

Have you ever wondered what lives or used to live just beyond your doorstep? Join us as we discover the diverse world of Texas wildlife! From armadillos to mockingbirds, we’ll explore the exciting assortment of creatures that have called the Lone Star State home.