Summer Nature Camp Sessions

2019 Summer Nature Camp

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Week 1

June 3 - June 7: Chemical Curiosities

Early chemical curiosities resulted in some amazing discoveries! This week we will learn about the history of chemistry, famous chemists, and chemistry basics, as we try out a few experiments of our own.

Week 2

June 10 - June 14: Everything Earth

We’ll dig into the field of geology as we explore rocks, land formations, erosion, and soil science! Featuring our current exhibition, Rocks: Earth’s Majestic Building Blocks, this week is an exciting opportunity to study rocks up close. Come rock with us as we explore everything Earth!

Week 3

June 17 - June 21: Digging into Dinosaurs

Let’s leap back in time to better understand the clues dinosaur fossils leave us. Come be a part of this prehistoric adventure as we learn all about popular dinosaurs and some of the latest dinosaur discoveries.

Week 4

June 24 - June 28: A Budding Naturalist

Have a knack for observing nature? There is so much to explore on land, in the water, and in the skies. Join the Museum and the Brazos Valley Texas Master Naturalists, as we bring children and nature together to embrace their curiosity!

No Camp

July 1 - July 5 : NO CAMP THIS WEEK

Week 5

July 8 - July 12: Ocean Adventures

Dive in for a fun-filled week of watery fun. We’ll explore the depths of the oceans as well as the waterways in our own backyards. Join us as we learn about how water played a role in early trade to the importance of conserving this precious resource.

Week 6

July 15 - July 19: Mummy Mysteries

Ever wonder where mummies are found? Or how they were created? Explore mummy discoveries from around the world and learn about the history of other cultures through the clues mummies left behind.

Week 7

July 22 - July 26: Crazy Critters

Why do earthworms need to stay moist? Do frogs always lay their eggs in water? There is so much to explore when we study crazy critters! Join us this week as we better understand the important role of “creepy crawlies” in our ecosystems. Your child will get hands-on experience with some crazy critters!

Week 8

July 29 - August 2: Back to the Ice Age

Imagine a world where 1/3 of Earth is covered in ice! This happened during the Ice Age, a time when giant animals known as megafauna roamed Earth. Come chill with us as we learn about mammoths, saber tooth cats, giant sloths, giant armadillos, and other Ice Age animals.

Week 9

August 5 - August 9: Milky Way Mysteries

Journey with us as we unravel the mysteries of our planet’s home, the Milky Way. This week promises to be filled with out of this world adventure! We will launch into space exploration history, learn about the tools used to study space, and discover exciting new pathways in space exploration.

Week 10

August 12 - August 16: Summer Extension Day Camps (SEDC): Island Life

Adventure awaits as we travel to a different island each day! We will learn about select islands, how they formed, native inhabitants and cultures, as well as the unique animals and plants that may be found there.

SEDC Topics 

Monday (8/12): Galapagos Islands
Tuesday (8/13): Hawaiian Islands
Wednesday (8/14): New Zealand
Thursday (8/15): Greenland
Friday (8/16): Aleutian Islands