Aggie Polar Palooza

The Museum will have a display at TAMU and also be doing an after event program at the Bush Museum.

More Information about the Event
Why should people in Texas or the Brazos Valley care about the Poles? Why do penguins live in the south and polar bears in the north? How can thousand-year old ice help us understand Earth’s future climate? Who are today’s polar explorers, and why do they risk frostbite and crevasses to study some of the most extreme conditions on our planet? Where can your students find answers to these questions and hear the latest and most authoritative information about climate change? Aggie Polar Palooza has the answers to these and many more questions.

10 a.m. (for middle school / high school students)
7 p.m. (open to the general public - tickets will be available at MSC box office, Texas A&M University)

Rudder Auditorium, Texas A&M University, College Station

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Additional activities at the Bush Library: