Rio Brazos Audubon Society Event and Walk: Winter Bird Talk

More than a dozen species of birds that are rare in or absent from Central Texas during the breeding season become common residents in winter. The talk will focus on those birds and a few other, more exotic winter visitors that one might expect to see during December in the Brazos Valley. The talk will also include some information about the history and current activities of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

The subsequent walk at Lick Creek Park will focus on finding the birds discussed in the talk, as well as other species that are permanent residents of the area. The pace will be gentle. Wear good walking shoes, binoculars you you have them, and bottled water if you think you will need it. Lick Creek Park currently has no restroom facilities.

Dr. Manson is a Professor of Biology at Texas A&M, a past president of Rio Brazos Audubon, and a veteran and survivor of five Great Texas Birding Classics.