Rio Brazos Audubon Society Meeting: Watching Wildlife in India

6:30 pm
Free and open to the public
Brazos Valley Natural History Museum

One of Dr. Ian Tizard’s passions is observing birds and other wildlife in their natural surroundings. Towards this, Ian has traveled to India on several occasions to view and photograph the unique birds and wildlife found in India’s diverse ecosystems. Dr. Tizard will be giving a talk about his adventures to India entitled “Watching Wildlife in India” at the January meeting of the Rio Brazos Audubon Society.

Dr. Tizard is the Director of the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine, TAMU. His research interests encompass all aspects of the health and welfare of exotic and wild birds. He is the chair of the Scarlet Macaw Genome Project, a major research effort directed at sequencing the entire genome of this splendid bird and the first to be undertaken outside a government-sponsored laboratory. In addition to his interests in captive birds, Dr. Tizard and the Schubot Center promote programs on avian conservation, especially those involving parrots.

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