Frithiof Fossil Collection

A spectacular assortment of fossils including a huge 15-inch Paleozoic trilobite and complete skeletons of an Ice Age cave bear, early wolf, and a sabertooth cat are all on display in this impressive exhibit. Dinosaurs are represented by the skull, vertebrae, femur, arm, an enormous tail of a hadrosaurid dinosaur, teeth and various bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex and Albertosaurus, and parts of a gigantic Camarasaurus, Triceratops, and Maiasaura.

We also have complete skeletons of Psittacosaurus, an early ancestor of Triceratops, and a complete Confusiusornis, a relative of both the raptor-like dinosaurs and modern birds.

Rare, virtually complete skeletons of early mammals, fish, and reptiles are also available for viewing.

Sabertooth Cat