Road to Discovery: The Parent Child Interface

Time Machine by Bibi OlagueOn Display February 15 – May 3, 2014

The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History, proudly announces an upcoming exhibition in honor of National Parent Leadership Month, Road to Discovery: The Parent Child Interface, on display from February 15 - May 3, 2014. The free exhibition opening, Saturday, February 15th, 10 am, will include a reception, a hands on art activity for parents and children, and museum gallery viewing.

The exhibit features original art by Bibi Olague, a local artist, 6 years old. The story of Bibi’s art and her father’s involvement serves as a remarkable example of the positive synergy that can occur between a parent and child on the road to discovery.

Parental leadership occurs when parents gain the knowledge and skills to function in meaningful roles. The encouragement and facilitation of discovery in children is one important area where parental involvement is critical.

Recent studies suggest that not only do young children process and remember what they see in different ways than adults, but also that the discovery and learning process is greatly enhanced by parental support.

Parents are their children’s first teacher. The child’s development and learning is facilitated when parents respond to their children’s requests in a positive and constructive manner, while helping them learn to solve problems on their own.

Bibi Olague Ruben and Bibi with Space Shuttle
Bibi and Rubén Olague